Experience Dreams

Now it’s your turn to #ExperienceDreams!

Does work have you down? Can you not remember that last time you took a day off or spent the day doing something you wanted to do? Dreams Resorts & Spas thinks you deserve a break and is treating you to a 60 second vacation!

Relax on the beach, enjoy your warmth of the sun and sand between your toes and immerse yourself in the Unlimited-Luxury® experience of Dreams Resorts & Spas

Meet the Lively Family

Erin and Peter Lively and their three young children, Amelia (6), Declan (4) and Frankie (3), mean the world to one another. There’s nothing the Lively’s love more than spending time together, even if it’s as simple as taking a walk to discover a new place or starting a new book. However, after being diagnosed for the second time with metastatic breast cancer, Erin’s illness sometimes makes it difficult for the family of five to do everything they once enjoyed.

After learning about this amazing family, we decided to jump in and send them on a much-needed Dreams Resorts & Spas Unlimited-Luxury® vacation. They will spend their very first vacation with just the five of them on the beach and in the pool, enjoying time away from the distractions of school and work.

Live Your Perfect Day

Check out how you can experience your perfect day at Dreams Resorts & Spas!

Are you sleeping in, heading straight to the beach, or starting the day with an early morning kayak ride? Whatever your perfect getaway looks like, Dreams Resorts & Spas wants to inspire you to take a long overdue vacation.

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