Tours & Excursions

Explore the wonders of Panama! A country full of vibrant culture, natural biodiversity and stunning architecture. Visit the world famous Panama Canal, countless islands, the World Heritage site of Old Town and the modern and exciting Panama City. Stop by our tour desk and we will gladly arrange half-day or full-day tours so you can explore this wonderful destination...all provided by Gamboa Tours Panama.

Half-Day City Tour

Tour the most interesting places in the vibrant and cosmopolitan Panama City. You will visit the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal, Casco Antiguo (a World Heritage site) and the “Causeway” – a group of three islands linked to the main land which has become one of the most exquisite fashion centers in the Americas.

Full-Day City Tour

This tour will take you to the most important sites in Panama City and the Panama Canal area. You will have the opportunity to see Panama La Vieja, Casco Antiguo (World Heritage site), a variety of monuments, the National Theater and “Las Bovedas Promenade”, which has one of the most spectacular views of Panama City. The tour also includes a stop at the Panama Canal’s Miraflores Locks and a visit to the “Causeway” – a group of three islands linked to the main land which has become one of the most exquisite fashion centers in the Americas.

Embera Indigenous Village

This enchanting journey will take you deep into the dense jungles of Chagres, where the Embera Indians have lived for many years. The adventure begins with a ride up the river in the Embera’s traditional hand carved boats. On arrival to the village, you will be taken back in time as you observe the ancient Embera’s dances and music that have hardly changed since Christopher Columbus arrived in the 1500´s. The natives will invite you to explore the surrounding areas, give you a glimpse into their mystical rituals and amazing knowledge of medicinal plants, among other activities. You will be served a traditional lunch and have the opportunity to purchase handcrafted memorabilia.

Panama Canal Full Transit

This tour will take you from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in the same day! You will start your adventure at the Miraflores Locks, where the vessel is lowered 18 meters, then head towards Miraflores Lake and Pedro Miguel Locks – all located on the Pacific side of the Canal. You will continue your trek north for 13.7 kilometers until reaching Gaillard Cut, which was carved through the Continental Divide, making it one of the main points of interest for visitors. The next stop is Gatun Lake, formed when the river widened and deepened by the construction of the Gatun Dam. During the three-hour passage through Gatun Lake you will see the Gamboa homeport of the Dredging Division of the Panama Canal and some of their interesting floating equipment, not to mention the jungle and wildlife in the shoreline. Throughout the day, you will get to experience the Canal from a unique and up-close perspective, unlike anything you would see from a large cruise ship.

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